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February 16, 2013 by bill82terry


…all kinds of good recipes! 

It happened!  I knew we would have one more cold snap.  It is drizzling rain outside and the temperature should drop to the mid 20’s tonight.  A perfect stay-at-home day! As I was listening to the rain fall on our tin roof, Bill was downtown with WAFT handing out water for the big Hospice run.  I figured he would get home cold and hungry! To warm our stomachs I tried a new recipe – Potato Lentil Stew. I am all for those quick and easy recipes.  I’ve made a recipe similar to this one, but I think we like the flavors in this recipe better. Biscuits would have been nice, but we opted for cheese and crackers on the side.

Easy dump – 4 ingredients!

Need a couple of quick ideas for something fun to eat? I tried two recipes for our Bible Study group this week. The first was a cherry dump cake.  Can you believe as long as this recipe has been around that I have never made it?!  I used a gluten free cake mix and the topping was nice and crunchy.  We ate it warm with vanilla ice cream.  Scrumptious!  To balance it out, Bill made some Chili lime roasted nuts.  It’s amazing how a few spices can transform an ingredient.

Warm, sweet and crunchy!
Chili lime

Bill has a ton of seeds in his greenhouse and is ready to get them started. He bought a variety of vegetable and flower seed packets.  Our parsley is still thriving well in the herb garden.  The cold weather hasn’t bothered it at all. The oregano has a presence but will probably bite the bullet after the cold hits this weekend. We have some rutabagas popping their heads up in the garden.  It’s the first time Bill has grown them. I’m excited to see how they will do.

I love seeing the signs of spring popping up everywhere. The honeysuckle on our arch is so pretty.  I love how it is always drawn to the sun. Exactly how our lives should be – drawn to the SON.


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