Mile High!

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January 6, 2013 by bill82terry

Pizza for supper! It could be a staple in our house! We love it. Tonight we made what I dubbed a “mile high” veggie pizza.

Here’s how we layered it:
homemade pizza crust drizzled with olive oil and Italian seasonings
homemade pizza sauce
fresh basil
feta cheese
sun dried tomatoes
sauteed squash, onions, bell pepper, and garlic
kalamata olives
black olives
sprinkle of cheese on top
crushed red peppers

I need some menus for this week! So I’ve been going through some old recipes and looking for some new ones.   Here are a couple of NEW recipes I that I plan on trying from a Taste of Home site.   One is Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers; it received a lot of good reviews. The other is Black Bean Cakes with Mole Salsa.

We’ll let you know how we like them! Eat well, eat healthy!


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