January 2013

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January 2, 2013 by bill82terry

Happy New Year! 

Did you have greens, black eyed peas and cornbread today? Our house was filled with so many wonderful smells from the traditional New Year’s Day southern foods! The only thing I was missing was some jalapeno relish that my mother-in-law makes.  I’ll have to break down and make some.  It is super good, sweet and hot at the same time.  Much better than chow chow!
How did you do eating during the holidays? We were able to stay on our vegetarian routine with only a few exceptions.  A few times dinner was fixed for us, so we graciously ate what was prepared. Otherwise, even our kids did well with our vegetarian diet.  We did have more sweets than normal – or that we needed, but isn’t that what the holidays are for? Here is a fun recipe that is super easy to make – White chocolate haystacks.  Basically, I just melted a bag of white chocolate and stirred in cashews, craisins and pretzels and dropped them in clumps.

You will never believe this, but we started eating oatmeal for breakfast.  I don’t know if my taste buds are changing or what…because I do not like oatmeal. Maybe it’s because the weather is cooler? I just don’t know, but it has certainly struck a chord with me. We didn’t juice very much during the holidays, so I think we will move from juicing for breakfast to using it for a snack mid morning – at least while the oatmeal craze is on.

Time to conjure up some more recipes for the weeks ahead. I have used several from The Pioneer Woman.  If we continue eating vegetarian, I’ll need to boost our protein input. Otherwise, we tend to eat too many carbs.

From our home to yours……may your New Year be filled with His grace and peace!


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