Christmas is coming!

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December 20, 2012 by bill82terry

The countdown is on and Christmas will soon be here! There are so many things we love about the holidays- kids/grandkids coming home, the lights, the music, special services at church, and of course all the traditions of the season.

One tradition that we have had as long as I can remember is our Christmas morning brunch.  We always have two different kinds of breakfast casseroles; overnight sausage breakfast casserole (recipe from Bill’s mom) and the second casserole varies each year.  This year I’ll probably make the hearty vegetarian recipe that we had at Noah’s birthday party. (You can add additional veggies.) Along with the casseroles we have cheese grits, a fruit bowl, and a couple of different kinds muffins (one is always blueberry and the other varies).  We look forward to great food and noisy laughter at the table.

Are you ready for Christmas? Do you remember the painting disaster in our living room? Well, we finally got that room repainted and it looks great.  Last weekend I asked Bill what he thought about repainting our dining room.  It opens to the living room and hasn’t been touched up since we moved in the house. Soooooo,  we just had that room painted a beautiful color, Rosemary Sprig. In the meantime, Christmas is all over the living room floor and every one comes in this weekend. This is the first time we have been so late getting things up – but it will get done. No worries!

How can you go wrong?

In the midst of the weather changing we have been having more soups.  We love all kinds. I was in the mood for a corn/potato chowder.  I found two recipes that I liked and merged them together. It was scrumptious. I used The Pioneer Woman and Paula Deen’s recipes. They are really close with slight differences; I used them both! Bill added bacon to his, I kept mine vegetarian. Either way, you have a winner!

So good!

Merry Christmas!


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