What’s for supper?

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December 2, 2012 by bill82terry

I love days when I can get menus planned and some prep work done for the week to come! Menus first, shopping second. Here are a few recipes on our agenda this week:

Slow-cooked Two Bean Chili
Blue Cheese Spinach Frittata
Butternut Squash Penne
Black Eyed Pea Fritters
Along with some basic favorites like mac/cheese; spaghetti; greens, potato salad and cornbread.

I started the weekend off by cooking a pot of black beans which has a multitude of uses. I plan on making some refried beans, use some in chili, etc.  Bill grilled some pizza crusts for a quick lunch this week.  I had planned on making some savory waffle bread for sandwiches, only my waffle maker gave up the ghost.  I’ll need to run to town and get a new one. My recipe calls for a waffle batter mixed with sun-dried tomatoes and  Italian seasoning.  They are easily frozen (be sure to double bag for freshness).

My friend and partner in eating healthy, Kerry, had a great idea.  She plans on cleaning out her freezer and using all the things she has already frozen before the first of the year.  I went and looked in my freezer and decided to do the same thing. By using the food I had left over, it will keep it from getting old or freezer burn. I found some veggie lasagna so we finished it up along with a spinach salad.  I love spinach salads – super quick and easy.  (Spinach, green onion, boiled egg, sunflower seeds and a mayo based dressing.) I also found a bag of cooked beans and rice and some corn shells.  In the pantry, there is a bottle of green enchilada sauce…anyone hear enchiladas calling?!

Lots of great veggies!
Hot cornbread and chili

I made the Two Bean Chili today!  Surprise – it has BBQ sauce in it! Oh, so good!  Along with cornbread and salad on the side. Side note, I found a lot of gluten free products at Big Lots.  Particularly, Bob’s Red Mill products.  They were cheaper than the grocery store and in date! I like to make big patches of whatever I am cooking to freeze.  That way, on busy days, there is always something to eat!

Bill’s prize!
My prize!!

I found some fun products at the grocery store, while Bill hunted junk food. I was so shocked to find a chocolate cookie that was AMAZING at Walmart.  They are gluten free and in the cold section by the crescent rolls and rolls of cookie dough.  They actually had several gluten free products.  I had to at least try one of them. 🙂 I don’t eat a lot of cookies, but it is nice to have some on hand (or in the freezer when a chocolate craving hits).

Juicing is still our breakfast of choice. Vegetarian meals still #1.  Now, to be completely “clean” in our eating. Good foods = Happy bodies!


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