Ohio and back again!

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November 28, 2012 by bill82terry

Our two sweet grandbabies-Alaina and Noah

We’re back from Ohio and going non-stop! Bill and I had lots of fun with  Heather and her family during Thanksgiving. We had a week filled with baby dedication, birthday, concert, shopping, and trying new recipes! We came home to our painter getting rid of the school bus yellow paint in our living room. Whew! That doesn’t even cover everything going on at WAFT.

Alaina and I made a “turkey” to snack on
while waiting on our Thanksgiving meal

So how do you eat when life just gets CRAZY? when the holidays have you pulled in all directions?  This is usually when I  throw up my hands and eat whatever, it’s just one more thing to fool with. STOP!  Let’s not succumb to the busyness of life only to regret it later.  Staying vegetarian is easy; eating vegetarian and healthy is the key. But what do you do when you just eat something you know you shouldn’t?  We were up late the other night, still needed to unpack and just went crazy with some ice cream.  I could beat myself up over it or……….. start fresh the next day. This time of the year there are so many extra temptations, enjoy a little bit of it all, and work on doing better the next day.

Bill opted for a peanut butter ice cream

Since we have been home, our meals and been pretty quick and easy. Lunches have been things like pimento cheese sandwiches, Mexican food downtown (bean tacos, rice),  quick fettuccine with steamed veggies over pasta. Suppers have been more easy meals. My mom sent over a soup she made up – it had a base of rice and veggies, reminding me of a soup at Olive Garden; very warm and nourishing. I just pulled a bag of soup out of the freezer for supper tonight.  We have some juicy sweet clementines to have on the side.

I need to stop and make a menu for the days ahead – you know the key, have a plan.  Ever feel like you have a brain freeze and can’t figure out what to fix? Here are some quick recipes using around 5 ingredients.  When using can products – choose the healthiest.  Some of these recipes use prepackaged ingredients but it’s better than fast food. I haven’t tried any of these recipes, but plan on it.  If you try one you really like – tell me!!


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