Who will win?

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November 7, 2012 by bill82terry

Like most Americans, we have our TV on watching the news…..FOX news to be exact! This has been one hotly debated election!  No matters who wins…God is in control.  We are basically watching to see how each state responds.  I’ll admit it, we grabbed a thin crust veggie pizza on the way home to eat. So we are propped up in bed stuffing our faces!

Mexicorn dip

We have been so busy at WAFT. Sharathon 2012 was last Friday and I survived eating with flying colors! Sharathon comes once a year and we always have extra goodies to eat.  It seems like people are becoming more health conscious because we really didn’t have a lot of junk.  Shelia made some great veggie breakfast casseroles; bacon on the side.  Lunch was wraps and smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe – scrumptious! Yes, I was able to have a veggie wrap! Supper was homemade vegetarian chili with cornbread and corn salad.  Funny, I had corn salad at two different events in the last week.  Both were pretty similar and very good.  They were so similar that I just posted the one I found online.  Sharathon snacks included popcorn and chips, grapes, cheese and of course CAKE.  I avoided the cake…it just wasn’t worth it!

I had one other good recipe this week at Life Group – it was Hot Corn Dip.  I fell in love with it too. Jenne made it; she’s always coming up with something good.  Obviously, I have had corn every which way lately!

Hot corn dip

I thought I would have started the Couch to 5K by now, but our life has been hectic.  I desperately NEED to exercise so I am contemplating a new (personal) schedule.  Of course, it will only be good for about a week as we are heading to OHIO next week. SIGH! Will I ever get it all together?


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