I cooked what with what?!


October 11, 2012 by bill82terry

24 days and counting! The vegetarian lifestyle continues……and I am LOVING it! Now just in case you think I am MAKING Bill eat vegetarian, I have said numerous times, “The initial phase is over, have meat if you want it.” So, we went out to the Mexican restaurant and guess what he orders? The vegetarian special. So I don’t want to hear anybody hollering that I am twisting his arm…lol!  

It is Wednesday evening at 9:35pm.  Our life is really busy since WAFT is going to have a booth at the EXPO next week and then right after that – SHARATHON.  This time of year days and nights just blur together.  Supper is in the oven and you will not believe what’s cooking! I came across two NEW recipes; one isn’t what I would call “healthy”, but curiosity got the best of me.  So here you go, tonight we are having PUMPKIN Macaroni and cheese and DR.PEPPER Baked Beans! Crazy, isn’t it!  I ran across both of them this week and said, “Why not?!”  The mac/cheese cooked up just as the recipe was written, the beans took much longer.

It had been forever since I have been grocery shopping.  Like I said, life is crazy for us right now.  It was quite wonderful to skip the entire meat section and I felt so “Suzy Homemaker” pushing my cart filled with fruits and veggies. Bill on the other hand was wandering behind me doing his own shopping!  You know how that goes!  Note his “vegetarian” addition to our cart! Jif Mocha Cappuccino flavored Hazelnut spread…need I say more?!

Next week will be the big challenge.  If you have never been to the Sunbelt Expo before think “fair” foods; sausage dogs, funnel cakes, alligator tail, etc.  I have got to make some plans!  My only consolation is that the Vita mixer booth is right across from WAFT’s booth.  If you want to come see us, find us here.

Bill just got in from his run. I ended up cooking instead of walking, I might try and get a little in before bed. For that matter, who needs sleep?!


2 thoughts on “I cooked what with what?!

  1. DebbieSFL says:

    Terry, I think the mac and cheese sounds amazing…I think I might have to make this next week.

  2. We sure enjoyed it. Actually, the beans were pretty good with it too..that savor/sweet combo. Technically, neither are what I would put in my "healthy" vegetarian menus..haha…but still good.I'm always game to try new things anyway! Happy Eating!

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