I can smell them cooking!!!!!

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October 3, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 17…..on our vegetarian journey! The kitchen is full of steaming pots and wonderful smells!  Ever get the hankering to just cook and cook and cook?! It started at lunch…well, let me just tell you our menu for the day.  As usual, we had juice for breakfast – a nice full serving of the mean green.

Lunch was homemade pimento and cheese sandwiches, cucumber/onion salad and oranges.  Now, I will say I did the quickie recipes for both of these.  The pimento/cheese – shredded cheese, mayo, S/P, little dill and pimentos; the cucumber/onion salad – cucumbers, onions, apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, S/P, little dill (must have had it on the brain today). We seldom eat sandwiches so this was a nice change.

Then I started I on supper; fresh mustard, rutabaga, squash and onions – and that’s just the start! Fortunately, Bill was home to cut the rutabaga which he hates but I LOVE! They are a bear to cut! Everything is simmering and the aroma alone is mouth watering! I am going to pull some cornbread muffins out of the freezer too (the ones I made the other day with sun dried tomatoes).  The recipe is just a post or two back. I am also cooking a new squash (to me) called delicata. I found a recipe that looked pretty good where you bake the squash in the oven, it gives the squash a sweeter flavor using dried fruit and brown sugar. I think I’ll get Bill to cook it for me.

In case you are wondering how to cook greens without smoked turkey wings or ham or fatback………here’s a great recipe that we have used for a long time.  The secret is in the smoked sweet paprika and apple cider vinegar.

Remember, I told you Bill put in some sweet potatoes for the first time? We had no idea how long to leave them in the ground.  While Bill was watering plants he saw some humps in the ground……yowza!!  They are gigantic!

In the midst of my cooking mania, Bill decided to cook some green peanuts. So, all the eyes on the stove are hot and food is cooking away!  The good news is that it all warms up well, so I should be covered for tomorrow too!
And yes, I didn’t work at WAFT this afternoon. But I sure enjoyed some time off to just cook!


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