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September 27, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 11…..I can hardly believe that we have gone 11 days without eating meat and we have NOT MISSED  it.  Crazy! Today, I was in a cooking mood.  It all started with cabbage! Add some rice/tomatoes, baked sweet potatoes, and to top it all off – cornbread muffins!  I tried a new cornbread recipe that I tweaked along the way.  I honestly tried to follow the directions the first time since it was a new recipe, BUT it never fails….I start tweaking.
It was a basic cornbread recipe with a few additions:

Sun dried tomatoes added
I changed the flours to make it gluten free
Jalapenos: I took a lot of the seeds out so it wouldn’t be too hot for others eating it.
Corn niblets and a touch of honey added with the milk/eggs
Stir it up and throw it in the pan
Sprinkle with cheese and bake.
I LOVE cornbread! Bill doesn’t, so all I can say is, I thought they were great! I actually froze the ones we didn’t eat. I have a friend who adds bacon too.  Since we are are eliminating meat, it wasn’t a big deal not to have it.  The sun dried tomatoes gave it enough texture. You could probably just use your recipe and then add whatever “extras” you like.
We got off work late yesterday, had an errand to run in town so we decided to eat lunch at El Toreo.  I was pleasantly surprised to find several vegetarian items on the menu.  While we were discussing what to eat, a girl next to us joined our conversation, suggested some things she tried and then told us she stopped eating meat several years ago.  She mentioned how much better she felt since then.  It seems more and more people are choosing the vegetarian lifestyle.  Yesterday was the first time I had had a bean taco – quite tasty!
Cheese enchilada, bean taco, and rice
We both felt like we needed to clean out our system after a few indulgences on our anniversary. We are juicing breakfast and supper for a few days.
We are loving this journey and encourage you to try it for yourself!

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