Vegetarian…will travel?


September 24, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 8…..Hey Everybody!  We have been out of town celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary! We took a few days off to just relax – our biggest decision was whether to go to the pool or to the ocean.

The challenge on our vacation was to see how easy it would be to find places to eat and still maintain our vegetarian challenge.  Well, it is day 8 – and we have succeeded! Most fast food places were limited – we could find baked potatoes, french fries, salads (if you asked to take the meat off); not exactly, a well balanced meal. Fast food places were very limited and not the best choices.  We did find some fun places in Jacksonville to eat that were healthy and gluten free.  We also brought our juicer for breakfast and made a make shift kitchen.  It has been fun! A few of our favorite meals: veggie thin crust pizza, zucchini grillini sandwich, and rice/bean/veggie stuffed burritos.  After 8 days, we have not missed the meat at all! Way easier than juicing!

Zucchini Grillini

How are we doing with exercise?  Bill has kept his running up on the beach, I’ve been happy to just walk.  Do you remember the scene from Jurassic Park where the dinosaur is chasing them in the jeep? There’s a close up of the side mirror with the words, “Objects are closer than they appear”.  It never failed, we’d pick a destination to walk to that seemed relatively close – but was so much further away!  I used muscles walking on the sand that I apparently have not been using!!

I haven’t seen the scales in quite a few days.  Who knows what I will numbers will be! Yikes?!  The key to eating a vegetarian lifestyle is making good food choices.  You cannot have a diet of french fries, frosty’s and mac/cheese.  Good choices make strong healthy bodies.

If eating vegetarian seems overwhelming at first, try one day a week.  Baby steps……



2 thoughts on “Vegetarian…will travel?

  1. DebbieSFL says:

    Congratulations on 30 years!!!

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