What?! No meat?!

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September 18, 2012 by bill82terry

It began today! Our journey into the world of vegetarians……a 21 day journey.  Why?  Because we are considering all options on our road to better health.  We love juicing, and that has easily been incorporated into our daily life, but what about meat? Can avoiding it make you feel better?  What about all the talk about eating for your blood type? (Bill and I are both A negative.) We are going to do an experiment and see how our bodies respond.  The important factor is choosing healthy foods and having a balanced diet.

Day 1Our schedule today just got way off, my carefully planned meals became non existent.  We did eat lunch in town – no meat – and it was good and filling.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant and had eggs/rice in  tortilla shell with beans on the side. Breakfast will be a glass of juice. Lunch, I’m thinking about doing the 1/2 and 1/2 – choosing between soups, sandwiches and salads. Supper, I have a variety of simple, quick recipes and some new recipes to try.  I’m rather excited about this challenge, I’m not quite sure what Bill thinks.

We have several movies that have been recommended to us. We’ll try and watch them on Netflix and then pass them on to you.   At the very least, we need to consider what we are eating and the results it can have on our bodies. If this lifestyle just seems to foreign to you, consider having one day a week that is meatless.  Start small and simple and you’ll be less likely to give up.  Remember, it’s all about baby steps.

Side note: We tried a NEW juice today that had apples, carrots, lemon and CABBAGE! It was supposed to be a tart lemonade flavor.  I wasn’t too crazy about it…..I like my old standbys best!


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