It’s MY Fault!

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September 5, 2012 by bill82terry

Round TWO, Day 16………To hear Terry tell it, I dragged her kicking and screaming to the restaurant today and forced her to break her juicing fast.  I’ll admit I wasn’t much help, but we were in Quitman and one of our favorite Mexican restaurants (Coyocan) was close by.  (This is Terry – so let me clarify!  It was 2 in the afternoon and we were starving…and away from the house…and I had already drunk all the juice in the house…and Bill did tell me to go ahead and eat with him…honestly!) She had a gluten-free meal called Angela’s Mix.  It’s not on the menu; so you have to ask.  (It’s grilled veggies and chicken! At least it was healthy!) We had a pleasant surprise as we we were leaving and trying to pay;  someone who left before we did paid for our meal!  Thanks!

Mean Green!

She started out good this morning and had the mean green juice which is the green apples, celery, kale, lemon, cucumber, and ginger root mixture (Terry again…and it is not called “mean green” because after so many days of juicing I get mean and green, just saying!).  It’s my favorite. For snack she had the carrot, orange, grape mixture.  The grapes were juiced from some of the last of this season’s crop on the WAFT hill.  There are a few left so I need to get out there and shake some vines!

The next round juicing I think I’ll join her since she plans on doing it a week at a time and eating regular on the weekends.  She is on the last week of her 21 day juice fast.  She has juiced about 95% of the time and only had a couple of meals for some special occasions.  (Sorry Kerry, you have done so well this round.  Better than me!)

Well, I think its time to end this day.  I’ll try to be more encouraging as Terry finishes out her week!  Stay tuned…..     Bill


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