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August 30, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 10…..the scales have moved down a bit! Ah, there is something encouraging when you finally see some results.  This round of juicing has been the most challenging for me. Bill eats…and eats….and eats things that I “think” I want. Remember, he is just juicing a little bit. Last weekend was Amanda’s birthday, and honestly, I did not miss the cake and ice cream.  Last night, we had a meeting at church, supper included.  Guess what it was? My favorite thing ever – PIZZA! This weekend we will be out of town for another birthday party and we’ll be getting together with friends on Sunday night. Honestly!!  Could I have picked a harder time to juice?!

So, you’re probably wondering what am I going to do? Well, as you read in an earlier post, I did have a little bit at Amanda’s party (but it was “safe” stuff), I had my juice before we went to church last night and pretended not to notice the strong garlic smells wafting my way. SIGH! I will probably have to eat this weekend – very carefully. (I won’t be able to take the juicer with me.)  Sometimes the “best laid plans of mice and men” just do not work out.  I’m not going to beat myself up, but I aim to be very careful.  Then I’ll be back to juicing Sunday; I’ll have some juice before getting together with our friends that night.  And so I carry on….

Part of this process of better health is learning to be flexible. Life happens. So you go with the flow when it is out of your control, regroup as soon as possible and carry on.  If you just “give in” one day because you are going crazy wanting to eat – go eat a little bit.  You will feel better and have a better resolve to pick up where you left off.  Lifestyle changes take time….don’t try and change old habits overnight. One day at a time..

“I believe the medicine chest of the twenty-first century is the produce department!”     ~Lynda Resnick


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