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August 27, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 8……We just watched The Beautiful Truth movie. In short, it’s a movie that challenges the way we think about what we eat and modern medicine. Parts of the movie were surprising, informative, and reassuring with documented cases of those whose lives have been changed.  We need to open our minds, research and learn how to take care of our bodies.  Before I go any further, let me say, I am not opposed to going to a doctor, but it is not our first option anymore. This whole year has been a season  of trying alternative supplements, growing fruits and vegetables and research. It looks like juicing is here to stay in this household.

Let me ask you this…….since juicing can make you feel better, why wouldn’t you do it? Is it so contrary to our lifestyle, our schedule, our families? Is it that we do not want to give up the taste and convenience of fast foods and eating out? It is a radical change for the typical American lifestyle.  As long as we feel pretty decent, why worry about it?

One week of juicing behind me……with one minor change this go around.  I decided to eat a little bit at Amanda’s birthday party on Saturday.  The good news is I avoided the cake, the ice cream and the cream cheese pineapple ball. We had lots of fun! Our house was filled with kids, spouses, grandmothers, cousins, lots of dogs, and lots of love. Kerry, who is juicing with me, did NOT give in and eat at the birthday party at her house this weekend.  She is one up on me!! You can start juicing with us at any time. Earlier post have all kinds of information, links and recipes.  Just start at the beginning.

Here’s the key…….start with baby steps. Juice once a day, start making better food choices, and research. It’s just not worth spending most of our time in the doctor’s office, feeling so-so, or taking a lot of prescriptions.

Let’s feel better together!  Join us on our journey to better health!


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