Are you kidding me?!


August 22, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 3……Of course Bill was out of town when I found the snake! Yes, it was a baby! No, I didn’t know if it was poisonous or not.  My mind could only think coral snake, it ended up being a king snake. Does it really matter?….a snake is a snake is a snake!  Life on the WAFT hill! You just never know!

My hands smell so good!  I was cutting basil for some friends today! The fragrance is so delightful! Our two plants have grown like crazy this year! They just keep going and going…like the energizer bunny!  Meredith told me to make some chimichurri sauce – I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! I think I’ll try Emeril’s recipe at  I wonder how well it would freeze? Ummmm…… I like it especially on beef, and yes, it can be incorporated in a healthy lifestyle.


Yesterday I told you I was going to try this recipe: 15 grapes, 1 orange (peel skin, leave pith) and 1 lb of carrots. I wanted to use some of our grapes off the grapevines… was oh, so good!  It was actually creamy with the muscadine flavor shining through!  The juicer had no problems with the seeds.  I am excited since the vines are full. Kerry, who is juicing with me, buys a 25lb bag of organic juicing carrots at Publix for $15.  I need to get a bag and go pick more grapes.  I might even throw in a few more grapes!

It seems to me that each day you make it through, the easier juicing becomes.  I did not miss “eating” regular food at all today.  Sadly, for Bill, I have got to remember to feed him!


2 thoughts on “Are you kidding me?!

  1. Michael Bass says:

    I agree a snake is a snake and the only good one is a dead one! However, the old adage for determining a coral snake from a king snake is, "red next to yellow will kill a fellow!" Don't remember the rest of it but that is the most important part!

  2. Haha Michael! I was a little freaked to see it….who wants to stop and figure that out! I say – just kill it.

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