Same Song, Second Verse

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August 20, 2012 by bill82terry

Another round of juicing!…….Day 1……the first day is always the hardest. I think food is on your mind more than usual. Once you get a few days under your belt, it is smooth sailing! So for now, I hang tough and remember this is only temporary.  Plus, the benefits of well-being will kick in soon. The key for me are the cycles; a round of juicing, then a round of changing eating habits and choices.  The better we eat in between the cycles, the better off we’ll be in the end.  The weight will be off and a new healthy eating lifestyle will be in place.  Keep your eyes on your goal – and you will make it.

Bill’s lunch
My lunch

Today, I started with one of the Mean Green recipes for breakfast and then raw “soup” for lunch.  It was rainy and drizzling outside and “soup” just sounded good. Tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, a little bell pepper….all juiced together – pretty good! Bill isn’t juicing during the day, so this time it is a matter of self discipline.  I mean, he ate pizza for lunch, one of my favorite things, and there was a slight urge to run across the room and grab a slice. But I didn’t!

Alaina loves grapes!

The grapevines are loaded! I wonder if I can find a good recipe that includes juicing grapes? As always, keep the 80/20 ratio (80% veggies, 20% fruits).   It’s important to have healthy recipes, not ones that will spike your sugar levels.

It is never too late to join us.  It’s just a matter of the will.  Why put it off?
Kerry’s in…why not you?

Noah loved them too!

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