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August 18, 2012 by bill82terry

I am super pumped!…..I start full time juicing (again) on Monday with Kerry! Another partner in health!! I have actually missed it. I am shooting for 21 days again.  Do you want to join us?  You can still run to the store tonight or tomorrow.  What’s the hesitation? I’m no health expert but we have done a lot of reading.  The benefits are well worth a few days of “no food”.  Once you get in your groove, you are set.  We have posted a ton of links of how to juice, the benefits of juicing, and the how-to’s of juicing.  If you’re still interested, go back through our blogs and reread the info. Send an email if you want to join us to terry@waft.org!

Fall squash

Our sweet potatoes are still doing well; I especially love the vines! The fall squash are taking off! And I don’t think you can even kill basil!  I have dried it, frozen it, and made pesto! I was rereading some of our blogs, you can always tell when Bill is writing – he gets into the pH balance and all that jazz! Here’s another link that he and our son-in-law Dusty are considering: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBspR2p0YYM.  Seriously, not my thing!  It is all about backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables! Need I say more??!!

I am loving the change in the weather! Touches of Fall are in the air.  It should motivate us to exercise more – me anyway!  Bill keeps up pretty well.  I just stay on the go so that by the time I can do it at night – I’m like “Really? I am ready to crash!”  That must be what I work on now.  Any of you doing Zumba?  I am curious.  What’s the 411 on it?




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