Starting Over!

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August 16, 2012 by bill82terry

Starting over  with  the flowers

One thing about living in the South is the long growing season!  My zinnias are near the end of their flowering so I cut a few heads off and dried them.  I planted these Sunday and watered them with a high ph water that we get from our Kangen water system. Not sure how it works, but it said the 11.5 ph water would make seeds sprout faster.  I believe it! We drink the 9.5 ph out of the same system.  Here’s a link  for  more info.

Not pictured is a squash sprout.   I’ve heard Fall squash is good so I pulled up so hills of Zuchinni that weren’t doing much and started some yellow crookneck directly in the ground.  I want to see which sprouts quicker; the ones  in the ground or peat pots.
A few tomatoes still  coming  in

I can’t get over how good home-grown tomatoes are!  I’ll miss them.  I might try to grow them in the greenhouse again this year.  Last winter didn’t go so well.  Plants grew fine, but I  think  I didn’t  keep the greenhouse  warm enough. I wonder  if  Terry will  let me grow some in the dining room?  Not likely unless they match the decor.

Speaking of decor, I think I  might have to  repaint the  living  room (see previous  post about Terry’s angst with the paint color).  What didn’t  help  was her friends at Bible Study today telling  her in a nice  way that her fear was probably right.  Get out  the paint chips  again!  It won’t be  too  bad  this  time since the prep work  and  baseboards are done.  I think it  should be  black  since  it  goes with anything!



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