August 7, 2012 by bill82terry

Notice the original light yellow

I am really nervous!…..We matched the living room paint to a gold in the couch…it is really bold!  I don’t know!!! Bill is going to put a second coat on and then we’ll know whether it is too much.  I do think wood furniture would be a pretty accent…but still!!!! Yikes! What do you think?? Like I said before, life is never boring around here.

We ate lunch out today, so we’ll be having a glass of juice for supper. (Yay, no dishes!) In case you can’t remember, it takes a fair amount of fruit/veggies for a pitcher.  This is crazy, Bill ran to town to get some more kale last night, and while looking for some in the produce department ran into another guy buying the same fruits/veggies.  Of course, Bill just had to find out if he was juicing!  Yep, he was!  It seems that juicing is getting to be more and more popular.  The one common remark is always, “It made me feel so much better.” 

This much juice…
Eggs anyone?

Out of the blue, Bill decided to scramble an egg for himself this morning.  I have been indoctrinated, one look and I was like, “No way, juice for me!” My stomach has already decided that juice is the best way to start the day. If I really feel the urge for eggs, I’ll plan to have them at supper (or dinner), or whatever you call the evening meal.

….from this much produce.
So we’re painting, and juicing, and making watermelon baby buggies.  This was for a shower I went to on Sunday.  I have seen so many fun carving ideas with watermelon!
Took to a baby shower
Another fun project we made

One thought on “Panic!!!!!

  1. Jen says:

    wood furniture for the new sun room would be pretty 🙂

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