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August 1, 2012 by bill82terry

Still at it!.…..It’s funny, juicing as an everyday part of our lives?! I never would have thought it! What began as an experiment has become a good habit in our lives.  I can’t imagine going back to eggs and bacon for breakfast.  The juice is more satisfying and the thought of the other just seems ….well, ugh.  I find juice as a mid morning snack just plain convenient.  When the kids left last weekend, I had anticipated juicing all day and then eating one regular meal a day (probably supper) but ran into a glitch. I had some pizza Friday night. I am gluten intolerant and didn’t want to have to take the time to make a crust or go to the other side of town to buy one…I figured, what could it hurt?  After not having gluten for ages, it hurt more than I thought.  I have been living on tea – hot or cold and some salty chips.  I have had the juice for breakfast and a snack, but the rest of the day I have been “off”.  Hopefully, back to the game plan in a couple of days.

Backyard gardening!  We have tomatoes coming in and they have been so good. We haven’t had to buy any in quite a while.  I’ll be putting some up tonight in the freezer.  The only problem we have had are tomato worms – they are super gross.  They stick like glue, they’re big and fat, and no way am I going to squish them.  Heather and I left that as a “Bill” job.

Time to start freezing some!
Attack of the worm!
Up close he still isn’t cute!

A couple a times a year I have a Bio assessment.  It’s a cool
machine invented by NASA.  It detects all kinds of things in
your body.  My last assessment showed I had a build up of
aluminum from my deodorant.  So, time to replace deodorant.
Fun times, huh?!  Ironically, Heather had been reading the
same thing so we both have chunked our deo and bought some
Crystal.  It comes as a rock, spray or solid.  It is actually just
alum! What next? lol!

It’s funny, once you start down the road of improving your health, so many other things come up.  It’s a day by day experience!


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