July 24, 2012 by bill82terry

We’re back!……I have missed you guys!  Life has been pretty crazy around here with an 8 month old and a 3 year old! We took off to the beach on Monday.  As with any beach trip, we took lots of snacks and cokes.  Here’s the crazy part, we brought most of it back home.  Seriously, our taste buds have changed – FOR THE GOOD!  Foods that we would have considered “junk” are not very appealing or satisfying! I remember trying to find something to eat mid afternoon – you know how you get at the beach; you’re always hungrier! I tasted some chips, some M & M’s, cookies, nothing hit the spot. I even eyed the cokes, but figured, nah, just not worth it!  Juicing has found a stronghold in our lives, for the good. 

Fish!  You can keep it! Occasionally, I don’t mind a salmon croquette and I used to eat fried shrimp (if the mood struck me).  Since I know the value of fish, I need to try and eat it more.  Bill on the other hand likes it.  So, while he was out shopping he saw some salmon patties to grill. They were not too bad.  We actually couldn’t decide on the condiments – I mean, who ever heard of a grilled salmon burger?!  After eating one, I think we needed to grill it longer to get more of that charred flavor and use tartar sauce.  It was okay (to a non fish eater), Bill and Heather liked it.

After today, we are going back to more juicing.  With the grandkids here, we have just been juicing breakfast.  We are going to juice all day and just eat food at dinner.  I am juicing to lose more weight, Bill’s just doing it – because!

We also will post the amount of money we are spending.  If I can get something organic for a good price, I will BUT if I think it is too costly, I will, get what I can and wash it.  I am a firm believer in cleaning your fruits and veggies.  I see too many hands all over the fruits/veggies!!

Almost every day we see the value in juicing and the changes it has made in our lives.  We had a great interview with Ken Davis (Lighten Up with Ken Davis) on WAFT the other day.  He shared what a difference it has made in his life to lose weight.  The interview was so good, you should take a listen.  Here’s a link: http://waft.org/pages/5898962.php  Also, here is how his journey started: http://www.kendavis.com/personal/fully-alive-in-2010/  Are you “fully alive”?   Maybe it is time for you to take control of your life!


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  1. Lynn says:

    Inspirational!!!! I have just read every one of your blogs about juicing! I am ready to begin my own research now! You guys are great..Keep it up cause I'll be reading;)

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