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July 18, 2012 by bill82terry

There’s just no doubt about it……we can’t stop juicing! We have incorporated juicing in our daily life along with regular food, but we do not want to give it up.  I actually think our energy level was higher when we were just juicing, I realize we can’t just drink forever.  But it certainly has made a difference. I’ll try (next week) to do some actual figuring and see how much we spend on fruits/veggies plus the additional groceries we are now buying. The one question we are asked so often…how much does it cost?  Honestly, if we feel better and see the benefits wouldn’t it be worth it?

Sooooo good!
Overall, pretty healthy!

This week we are on a “new recipe” binge.  My absolute favorite have been the tostadas! Messy, but scrumptious.  Bill even made a homemade guacamole dip – fabulous! (I included the link to the recipe the other day.)

Today, I had the “Bible Study Girls” coming over and I went through a “zillion” recipes trying to find a new one that I had not made.  I finally decided on Paula Deen’s South Georgia “Caviar”. It’s almost like a relish full of fresh veggies! I used fresh corn instead of canned corn and I LOVED walking outside to the garden and picking some fresh jalapenos!

Tammy, Shelly and Teresa
said it was good!

The only thing not natural was the Italian
dressing; I probably could have found something at Publix but didn’t want to go all the way into town…..even the chips we used were all natural!!  Yay!  It was a great snack. I forgot to tell the girls to give me a thumbs up or down in their photo op!  Grrrr…..well, they enjoyed it anyway! Here’s a link to the recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/south-georgia-caviar-recipe/index.html

On the home front, the tomato bushes are heavy with fruit.  We just picked the first couple that were turning ripe.  I better decide now what we’re going to do with them BEFORE I have all my counters full!  The watermelon leaves are looking a little peaked, I have no idea what their problem is. I would need Bill to figure how much money we are (or are not) saving with our little garden.  I know the basil has been a lifesaver!  I have used a ton of it, along with the bell peppers and jalapenos! The square foot garden still requires time, water and spraying! At the very least, Bill has enjoyed it!

I decided to cook normal food tonight. I figured Alaina could use a break from all the unusual foods that keep appearing on her plate. She has really enjoyed the outdoor chalkboard that Bill made and the little mushroom stools are the perfect height! Noah (who is 8 months old) is eating anything Heather gives him; including a whole avocado!

This week we’ll keep working on new “healthy” recipes and trying them out on everybody.  Next week, we’ll do some calculations on the costs of juicing.  In the meantime, eat healthy and start moving!


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