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July 16, 2012 by bill82terry

So, how’s the taste?…..This week we will be trying new “healthy” recipes and seeing what the response is of those trying them. The question is, “Can you cook good food that others will enjoy?”  Too often we change our eating habits UNTIL we have friends or family over, and then we fall back into old eating patterns. It is a trial and error process, sometimes you’ll make great things and sometimes you’ll make bombs!

Danny and Gail – 2 thumbs up for Taco Soup!

Here are a few results we have tried. The first was Taco Soup, loaded with fresh corn, black beans, great spices, etc and cooked with chicken instead of the traditional hamburger.  Heather’s in-laws were kind enough to bring Heather and the kids to us (from Ohio) on their way to Florida. We enjoyed their company over a bowl of Taco soup and fresh fruit. The result?

Alaina – thumbs UP for Taco soup, perhaps
crushing the chips in the soup made her vote thumbs up!
Granny and Jennifer 2 thumbs up for Pasta Salad

At lunch today, we tried a pasta salad.  It included grilled corn and grilled broccoli (interesting ). Now, I’ll be honest, I did tweak this and add a lot more veggies than called for (like cucumbers, onions, bell peppers) and then some fun stuff like banana peppers and black olives.  We used a Balsamic vinaigrette because I could not find a white wine vinaigrette that the recipe called for. It was a

basic recipe loaded with fresh veggies – that was the key.  Our daughter, Jennifer, and Bill’s mom give you their results:


Lastly, we tried Baba Ganoush for a snack with fresh veggies and pita bread. Bill saw a picture and was dying to try it.  Baba Ganoush is basically an eggplant dip.  You grill the eggplant first and then bake it
until it is soft, add some garlic, olive oil,
lemon juice and seasonings and mix.
The results?

Bill- a BOMB for the Eggplant Dip

Some will work, some will not. Supper tonight is another new recipe,  Grilled Pork Tostadas  It looks promising, especially in light of this afternoon’s disaster.

I am finding, initially, that it takes a little more time and effort to intentionally fix something healthy.  I could run to the fridge and throw something together pretty quick, but not necessarily healthy. It’s a process.
As for juicing,  we juice for breakfast and mid morning snack (and any other time we do not have time to cook).
Come join the journey with us. 


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