Doing the “Happy Day” dance!

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July 13, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 21….Here we are! Yes, we’re patting ourselves on the back!  This was quite a feat for us. Our insides should be happy! and cleaner! We have found such value in juicing that we are going to incorporate it in our daily schedule.  Remember, the amount of veggies/fruit per glass is usually more than what you could eat at one time.

This much produce….
…makes 2 glasses of this!

So, we were in town today running errands.  We had a “mean green” juice for breakfast and a cranberry/orange (with collards) for a snack before leaving BUT we got held up in town.  By 1 pm, Bill was saying, “I need something to eat”.  The smoothies all have “just fruit” soooooooooooooo yes, we broke our fast 2 meals earlier than we had planned.  I found a place with organic rice soup and a salad.  Here’s our first meal:

No, I didn’t eat that white bread!  I know someone who did!

We went to Books a Million today and found a couple of books. Primarily, I went to get a book of recipes from the Mediterranean Diet.  That seems to be the healthiest I have found so far. I am super excited to get back to cooking and trying these new recipes.  Heather and the kids are coming in this weekend so we’ll try all kinds of things on them!  This should be fun!

In 21 days, we have practiced much discipline, lost 27 pounds together (of course, Bill lost more than me), changed our taste buds and have “rebooted” our innards! This isn’t the end for us…stay tuned for what comes our way next!


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