Watch the Juice Fly

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July 12, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 19….This is all it takes to husband, one juicer, and lots of veggies/fruit! I have gotten pretty spoiled from not cooking or washing dishes for 19 days! Well, the fun could only last so long, 21 days to be exact!  Actually, I am ready to get back in the kitchen. I have read a ton of recipes, like this one, Smoky Corn and Black bean pizza   or this one, Chopped Greek salad with chicken  With a plan and recipes like these, how can we go wrong?!

First, we have to “break the fast” as it were.  After juicing for so many days, our bodies need to transition to digesting more complex foods.  Bill is convinced we won’t need to, but we will anyway! The biggest thing to avoid are high fat foods, fast foods, processed foods and dairy.  It will be a process.

Meanwhile, back on the home front! Our square foot gardening is coming along.  Our tomato bushes have outgrown their cages and are loaded with tomatoes.  The sweet potato vines are coming down the other side of the trellis….what can I say?  and we are trying a new spray for aphids, Orthene, on our peppers. Bill put out some additional plants from the greenhouse but they seem to be stunted.  We’ll have to see about them.

It’s been a long busy day and very rainy.  I think we’ll go watch a movie.  TWO DAYS LEFT!


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