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July 11, 2012 by bill82terry

Healthy food is good!

Day 18…..the end is in sight! I must admit, today I am ready to be done! I would like to have something hot and chewable! I cannot believe we have not eaten for 18 days! It’s definitely an activity that never crossed our minds! Occasionally, we would hear someone mention the benefits of juicing but we never entertained the idea of doing it ourselves.  In fact, if my Natural Health Practitioner had not suggested it, we would not be juicing. But I believe there comes a time when we just know we need to change. We want to avoid those health issues we see so many of our friends dealing with, we want to avoid taking all kinds of medications, and we want to be in the best health possible while we are on this earth. Change is hard!  It takes baby steps to get started. For us, juicing – baby step one.  Eating more raw foods daily – baby step two.  And so forth. For me, finding a health practitioner that I felt confident in was the key.  Here’s a link to her website:  Her name is Dymphna “Dee” Baudoin and her main office is in LA.  She comes periodically to Valdosta to do the Bio Assessments.

We just revamp favorite meals!

If you had to evaluate your health, what kind of shape are you in? Taking meds? Never feel really great? Want more energy? Perhaps a juice fast would be a beginning for you. You might not be ready to jump on a 21 day (or longer) juice diet but you can start with less days.  Some people juice and eat some food during the day. There are many choices. Again, do some research. Here are some plan options

Yes, it takes more effort. But consider the results!

Bill is busy cutting the grass and weed eating.  The lawnmower has been at the shop and we are so glad to have it back.  Just juicing has given us plenty of energy (and then some) to carry on regular activities. I really think it’s more of a mental thing right now. Grandkids will be in this weekend so we have tons to do, including making some menus.  It will take some effort to stay on course and prepare foods that toddlers will eat.  I see a challenge on the horizon!


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