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July 8, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 16….Can you believe we have been juicing for 16 straight days?! Our goal is 21 days, although I know of many who have gone 30-60 days. I think that would be a bit much for us right now. This was first, and foremost, an experiment to see if it would affect the way we feel. Secondly, I was hoping to lose a little weight. I have heard that you’re supposed to be able to keep it off. Of course, that remains to be seen. Throughout our blogs, I have posted a variety of links about the Bio assessment, questions about juicing in particular and the link to info about the movie, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If you wander back through them, you’ll find answers to questions you may still have about juicing. Yesterday’s link was especially helpful on the benefits of juicing.

Is it for everyone? Probably not, it does involve discipline and accountability
What’s the hardest part? Getting used to not eating
Has it changed your taste buds? Not sure, but definitely the cravings
Have you lost weight? About 10 pounds each (to date)
Do we feel weak or tired? no
Are we hungry? no
Do you have to do it for 21 days? No, there are several suggested plans
Would we do it again? Plan to, probably not 21 days, shorter lengths
Should I do it under a doctor’s care? If you are on meds or have any health issues, then yes

How are we going to change the way we eat when this is over? We’ll probably cut back on red meat, and probably meat in general.  Yes, we’re still going to eat it. Also, with most foods so over processed we’ll probably stay as natural as possible. I would love to find some local (affordable) places to buy meats, eggs, cheese, etc.. Since we are now empty nesters, oftentimes, it is easier just to pick up something. We have been reading and so much of the food (whether fast food or sit down) is loaded with fats, sodium, preservatives, etc. It’s just not good for us, so we’ll probably not eat out as often. I guess it comes down to this, “Do we want to take care of our bodies and be the healthiest possible?” or are we satisfied to just get by until a health issue comes up?

In America, our eating involves so many issues: We socialize over food.  We make  food choices based on convenience and feelings. We think skinny people are healthy and fat people are not.  In general, the feeling is, “Eat what you want, enjoy life, if I go, at least I’ll go happy”.  And as long as nothing is “broke”, don’t worry about it.

So for us, this time hasn’t been just about “doing without” but a time to think about what we eat and why.  It’s also been a time trying to “reboot” our systems and getting on a better track so our bodies function at their very best.

We will see what this last week has in store for us!


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