Day 15

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July 8, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 15…What a day! We have been up and running since early this morning. As I look at the clock I can hardly believe it is almost 9pm!  We are continually amazed at how much energy we have from just juicing. So what did we accomplish today? Well, we picked up my mom and headed to the Farm Days at the courthouse. We bought several different veggies; squash, butternut squash, and bell pepper. Then we bought an orchid (for the first time), they were so pretty.  I thought I would give it a shot! Bill also picked up an aloe plant to put in our herb garden.  I heard you could juice them….interesting thought! He also bought some liquid fertilizer…but it was way too complicated when he tried explaining why this was better than most!  PLUS, we saw lots of friends and a WAFT listener. Then we headed to Farmer Brown’s to get the rest of the veggies/fruits needed for juicing. Finally, I was able to get some baby butter beans. It cracked me up to hear Bill say at the market, “This is so much fun!”

Alaina’s play area

We are still working on a play area for Alaina.  Bill has her chalkboard up and we have a bucket that will hang on one side with the chalk in it.  Don’t you love the toadstools?  She’ll be able to sit on them.  We just haven’t decided how to paint the white dots on them.  It will be so cute when we are done!

Roots – gotta go!

We have had problems with tree roots tearing up our driveway, so Bill decided to cut them along the edge. We were told the asphalt would go back down as the roots died.  He then built our new composte bin! Our daughter, Heather, has one and it has already made some good soil!  Bill is excited!

 We still have many people asking questions about the juicing. Questions like, “Why can’t you drink bottled juice?” “What about the fiber?” I happened on a good site today and thought I would pass it on to you:  The info is from “The Juice Lady”, Cherie Calbom, and she answers these questions and more. You can read her bio on the site.

It has been one busy, packed day!  We had enough energy to do it all…and we’re still just juicing!

End of a long day

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