Last 7 days…or is it??

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July 7, 2012 by bill82terry

Healthy Mediterranean pita

Day 14…..It hardly seems possible! Yes, we are still juicing! Now the questions are, “Can you tell any difference?” “Is it really worth it?” We can both tell a higher level of energy.  What’s even more amazing is the amount of work we are getting done and only having juice the entire day! We have heard others have had a more marked effect. Again, it goes back to our diet prior to starting to juice.  We ate relatively healthy to start with. I have been looking at recipes from the Mediterranean diet – they are healthy and look really good. It’s regular food, lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, olive oil, lighter on meats.  Here’s a link to the Mayo Clinic with a few recipes:

So, what are we doing besides juicing? Bill has always exercised and I have been on again off again with walking.  Now,  I am trying to walk every other day on the treadmill.  We have both lost around 10 pounds! We are beginning to plan ahead to changes we want to make when this 21 day trial period is over. For instance, will we continue to juice every morning? juice all day every other day? do a 5 day juice occasionally? Will I keep juicing to lose more weight?  Eating out?! We are going to set a specific number of times to eat out or grab something on the way home. As long as we have a plan in place, we will be fine. 

Alaina and Noah

We’ve been busy working in the yard. Grandbabies are coming to visit! Bill has built a cute outdoor chalkboard for Alaina and some mushroom “stools” to sit on.  I’ll get some pics up tomorrow.  I need to move some jasmine, it has taken over the corner of the porch. I have such big plans for tomorrow that Bill will probably want to run away! Plus, we need to put together a composter.  Bill didn’t want to buy one but caved today and bought one at Sam’s. The ditch was looking a little ratty where he was dumping stuff.  It does hold 65 gallons. 

We have a full day tomorrow.  Plus, some work in our square foot garden.  Aphids have attacked our bell pepper and jalapeno plants!!  Grrrr……Bill is thinking about changing sprays.  So until tomorrow!


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