Great Tomato Soup and Bio-Assessment

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July 6, 2012 by bill82terry

It’s here!!
Fresh tomato soup!

Day 13…. Yay!  our “new”, via Ebay, juicer arrived today.  I was a little worried that that when I opened the box, little pieces would fall out.  The post office apparently placed a large heavy something on the it and crushed the corner.  Fortunately it was fine.  It’s a Breville BJE510XL.  I was anxious to try it for supper so I made our favorite “soup”.  It is tomatoes, sweet potato, onion, jalapeno, bell pepper, and a little cilantro.  The thing about this juicer that I thought was great, was that it spit out the pulp out of one side and juice out of the other side.  It was much quicker.  I’m anxious to try hard to juice stuff like carrot tops and kale.  I’ll let you know.
Technically, you are too drink everything straight out of the juicer so the enzymes and vitamins aren’t destroyed.  We warmed it on the stove to just over 100 degrees and I put a little lime and a slight dash of salt.  Purist would probably fuss about that.  We really like it.

The main thing that prompted this juicing adventure was Terry’s visit to a Certified Natural Health Practitioner for a “bio-assessement”.  It’s a cool technology developed by NASA. By placing your hand on a cradle that’s hooked to a computer it can “read” your body. It can identify deficiencies, problems, parasites, etc.  When I looked online for info about how the bio-assessment works, some of it sounded a little strange, I admit.  I found a link that explains it probably a whole lot better than I can. .  The short version is that you sit for about 30 minutes while your hand is in a cradle while the computer sends signals to your body and the response it gets is measured. It helps health care professional to know how to treat you better, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Right now, Terry is using natural supplements to treat the issues she has.  Natural supplements take longer to “kick in” than traditional medicine; but long term, we think it’s the better choice for our bodies. Now, don’t misunderstand us…..if the supplements did not work, we would go to a doctor. You should check it out!


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