Happy July 4th!!

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July 4, 2012 by bill82terry

I can almost smell them!

Day 11 and Day 12…..Happy 4th of July! I’m thinking about all of you grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, or chicken and ribs, cutting into that cold delicious watermelon or churning some homemade ice cream! Yum! Isn’t that part of the fun on the 4th? Fireworks, food, and family/friends! We are not caving, we are too close to the end; only 9 days to go! Bill is making a cranberry/orange/apple mixed with collards/spinach/squash drink.  At least it will be red!! We are continuing to expand our juice recipes (remember, 80% veggies and 20% fruit).

Your body?

DETOX….something about that word! When you eliminate certain foods from your diet, your body can eliminate toxins. This is especially true when you are just juicing. For most people it happens the first couple of days after you start juicing.  Because Bill and I were pretty careful about what we ate before juicing, we didn’t have the common withdrawals that others have at the beginning.  Here are a few things that may happen: headache, feeling grouchy, diarrhea, constipation, trouble sleeping, feeling like you have a cold, tired, etc.  We have had a few of those symptoms over the last couple of days. Better late than  never, I guess!  It is all part of the process to better health and getting rid of the “bad stuff” in your body! Did you know your body was a garbage bucket? http://www.draxe.com/your-body-is-a-garbage-bucket/

Our journey continues….


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