Running on JUICE!


July 1, 2012 by bill82terry

 Day 8… We started the day with a big breakfast of Mean Green juice that Bill had made late last night.  We also made the cranberry mixture (tastes sorta like the Sonic cranberry lemonade slushie) to use as a mid morning snack since we had planned to work in the yard most of the day. The “energy” factor must be kicking in! Bill has been exercising at 11pm and I just keep going to the next project! No bad side effects to date, we just keep drinking juice whenever we get hungry. Getting curious?  Check out this video:  Ready to start investigating for yourself? Juicing might be the answer you are looking for!

Drying fresh basil
Drying to make peppers

Things didn’t go as planned today; do they ever?  The lawnmower wouldn’t go more than a few feet so we went to job #2.  Bill had started some cilantro and parsley in Jiffy Peat Pots that we set out  in our herb garden.  He had also started some eggplants, more tomatoes, and zuchinni squash but we didn’t have any beds left to put them in!  We decided to pull the life support from the squash which had gotten a fungus and squash borers.  Bill didn’t think he sprayed enough so he pulled them all up and put them on the compost heap, sprayed the garden, aerated it a bit with a pitch fork and put the eggplants, tomatoes, and zuchinni squash in their place. Apparently, the juice is working!  While Bill worked on putting in plants, Terry laid out some basil to dry.  They’re not supposed to touch, but can
be made several layers high. She also started “sun drying” some jalapenos.

Since we were on a roll, we thought we would “spruce up” the side of the house.   Bill spent the rest of the afternoon dividing all our ferns. He loves them and we have several……now we have a bunch!


We have already calculated and next Tuesday we will be at the half way point with our juicing.  Terry is already pulling out our “clean eating” recipes so we will not go back to any bad habits.

Until next time…..


2 thoughts on “Running on JUICE!

  1. Heather says:

    I like what you did to the side of the house! Looks nice! We found baby watermelon in our garden this week.

  2. I might have to move the ferns, the summer sun gets to that side just enough to sunburn them. After a month or so, it should be further south.

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