Day 9

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July 1, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 9…..I’m sitting here on this lazy Sunday afternoon sipping a watermelon/lime juice.  Bill decided to go with a beet juice, that’s still our least favorite.  I think we may need to retire that one. We were surprised at the number of folks that are following our blog.  We had no idea! Every time we turn around, someone comes up and says, “We’re following you on your juicing” or “Really, how’s it going?” Now, if we can just get everyone to actually click “join this site”…you know…to your right…that’s it.  A simple click!

Technically, Tuesday lunch will be our half way point!  Hurrah! So to date, how’s it going?
* Lost weight
*More energy
*Our bodies are getting a deserved rest
*Good discipline
*Sleeping better and needing less sleep

Bill is our resident juicer.  I find the recipes and he does the juicing….and plays….and experiments! Note the “beet” knife below. Note to self, hide knife in newspaper before CSI comes on!

Really, Bill?!
Sunday lunch

Socially, when we saw some friends at church today that we eat out with, it was like bummer, can’t go. It’s not that we’re hungry, we are just starting to miss food and the social fellowship. Twenty one days is a small price to pay for the long term advantages.  We are actually trying to decide how to incorporate juicing on a regular basis when this 21 day experiment is over.

Our other project right now is the square foot gardening. Since we are producing so much basil, I decided to make some pesto and try freezing it. (Pesto is basil, olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, garlic and some seasonings blended in a food processor.) Then I found this very cool link on 50 ways to use pesto
I have some jalapenos “sun drying” on the back porch to make peppers to sprinkle on pizzas, etc down the road. Our tomatoes are especially looking good!  My favorite are the zinnias on the side of Bill’s greenhouse.

Life is rolling along for us! Yes, we are still juicing and still gardening…and learning as we go!


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