Snake, Pink-eyes, and FAIL!


June 27, 2012 by bill82terry

Good idea, wrong execution!

Day 5…of our juicing experiment.  We are winding down Day 5 of 21!  The sun is beginning to set and all has been well in the Tidwell Juice Factory, until today! We met with disaster.  The juicer we are using can’t handle the amount of produce we are juicing at one time.We need to get a new juicer, and Bill wants to get a Breville,  it can handle whole fruits/vegetables and eject the pulp.  We thought we had one on Ebay but got outbid at the end.  Since the juicer wasn’t doing well, we decided to go back to the Vitamixer (remember the only drawback is that it doesn’t separate the pulp).  The juice came out way too thick and was just awful.  You must stick with a juicer. Lesson learned!

We’re not hungry, feeling overly tired or having withdrawals. We just press on
to another day.  Bill stocked up today from the Farmer’s Market with lots of great stuff. Although, I wish our tomatoes would hurry up….I can’t wait to try (I mean, juice) one!

Blanched Pink-Eye peas ready for the freezer
Terry’s new pet

Otherwise, on the home front we are putting up some pink eyes! And no, we’re not going to juice the peas.  They are headed to the freezer!  In the square foot garden, we are fighting tomato worms and squash borers.   Now that it has quit raining, Bill will need to spray them.  Oh, and not to forget my excitement of the day.  Being dutiful, in an attempt to help Bill, I thought I would water the plants in our 10×12 greenhouse. Just as I started, a SNAKE slithered off the table and dropped right next to my foot.  HORRORS!  The snake and I headed two different directions.  We think he ate our baby birds that were in a hanging basket.  The snake had a belly full of something and our babies are gone! Grrrr

Time to juice supper….sounds weird doesn’t it?! We will see!


4 thoughts on “Snake, Pink-eyes, and FAIL!

  1. Jen says:

    I already said it – but GAG to the snake. I spent the rest of my afternoon fearing a snake would slither up my desk chair. I had a mind to sit on my feet so one wouldn't get me 🙂 the produce from your garden is an inspiration – Dusty is itching to plant some veggies!

  2. Dusty can come over and see what we are doing. 🙂

  3. Pamela says:

    We ordered 3 of these juicers for us & family from Amazon for $65 each. We have been enjoying ours with no problems & loving it! Yum Yum!!Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor 67650

  4. I won my ebay bid last night and have a juicer on the way! Its a Breville BJE510XL.

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