Day 4

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June 27, 2012 by bill82terry

Day 4Macaroni and cheese, BBQ chicken, baked beans, lemon pound cake, and much more was laid out for a funeral meal today. Did I mention we were the helpers to lay out the food?! Did I feel like grabbing a fork and stuffing my mouth? well, of course!  Did we give in? Never! I almost forgot we couldn’t even eat food when I was slicing a cold, crisp cucumber for the vegetable tray. Tempted? Not really.

Tonight we tried a warm, raw veggie drink in our Vitamixer. (We don’t use the Vitamixer often because it leaves the pulp in.) Bill really loves the tomato based ones, I think I like the cold ones better. So the question you probably have after 4 days is, “What’s the hardest part?” I’ll just tell you – it’s running to the bathroom all the time.  Along with our juice, we are also drinking our water, so between the two you CANNOT IMAGINE the trips we are making!

We haven’t had most of the side affects others have experienced.  I was cranky yesterday and Bill had a mild headache on Sunday, but otherwise, that’s it. We have only lost a couple of pounds. I keep hearing we will wake up one day to amazing energy…that hasn’t happened yet.  Do I think it’s good for our bodies. Yes!

BTW, Bill finished the trellis and the sweet potatoes vines are happily woven to the top. They’re about six feet high. We’re going crazy with tons of jalapenos, so if you have any great ideas on what to do with them, let me know! We have thrown them in the tomato based juices!

We’ll keep pluggin’ along! In the meantime, what will we juice with this pineapple tonight?  Let you know tomorrow!


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