What I’d Do For a Bowl of Chili!


June 25, 2012 by bill82terry

The compost is even colorful and doesn’t smell bad!

Day 3…What a great night for big bowl of hearty chili! How about vegetable soup? We’re looking at the drizzle and realizing how much our eating is tied to our habits and associations. But Day 3 means Day 3 and we opted for a delicious mix of raw vegetables blended into a warm “soup”. It didn’t look as colorful as the beet mix last night, but it was still plenty hardy. I threw in tomatoes, raw onion, swiss chard, spinach, bellpepper, celery, carrots, and some fresh-from-the-garden jalapeno. I took most of the seeds out of the jalapeno so it wouldn’t be so hot; Terry thought we might need more heat.  She must be the tough one.    If you’re into composting, (I haven’t made a real compost heap yet, I just dump and bury behind the greenhouse) then juicing is a great way to get started! Just one or two juicing sessions and we plenty of technicolor stuff for the garden.  I’m too cheap to buy the $80 composter from Sam’s. Maybe my daughter will share her secret of her composter made from a large plastic storage tub.

Almost completed PVC arbor

My project right now is making something for the sweet potato vines to climb.  I’ve raised acres of them when I was a teenager, and was sure they wouldn’t grow more than a couple of feet;  Terry, never having done much gardening, knew they would grow big enough for a “cute” arbor.  I’m not quite finished, but all I needed was 1/2″ pvc and couplings .  It took about 7 pieces of 10′ pipe, 3 cross couplings, and 6 “T” couplings.  I’m sure there’s a better way, but I was using what I had on hand.  My sister provided the netting.

As we wind down this evening, we’re thinking about using the watermelon I bought on the side of the road last week for a juice.  Good thing I bought two; one was not very sweet, but this one is exactly what I expect from a real Georgia watermelon!


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